Oldham school planned with all ex-forces staff



The first UK school whose teachers have all served in the armed forces is actively recruiting prospective pupils with a view to opening in 2013.

Captain AK Burki is handing out leaflets in a busy Oldham shopping centre for the school he hopes one day to run as head teacher.

“All the teaching staff will be composed of ex-servicemen and women,” he tells passing shoppers.

“They will be able to bring a breadth of experience that only those in the armed forces can,” he explains to a mother, who is concerned about her daughter’s education.

It is a world away from the front line in Afghanistan, where Captain Burki completed a tour of duty in 2010.

“The elements of the armed forces we really want to instil in the pupils are the core values of the Army,” says Capt Burki. “Courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment.”

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