Stop recruiting children, rights groups tell MoD

Twenty major children’s and human rights organisations have written to the UK government today, calling for an end to the recruitment of children by the UK armed forces.

Pinkwashing War: Pride and Militarism

With June's Pride events underway we look at their sponsorship by the armed forces and defence industry and how activists have challenged this.

The Armed Forces Bill: lost opportunities and some dubious proposals

The Armed Forces Bill proposes important changes to the military justice system and will make civil society obligations under the Armed Forces Covenant a legal duty. We look at these and other matters of interest that have come up...

The Integrated Review: enmeshing and strengthening the military

The government’s new defence and foreign policy review prioritises military thinking and interests at the expense of other international approaches and vital human security goals. Here we look at some of the Review's key elements and the...

War & memory

ForcesWatch podcast series 3

Series Three of the Warrior Nation podcast explores the role memory plays in the experience and remembrance of war. In each episode we will unpick the multifarious ways conflict is etched onto the collective and individual psyche, and the role played by the armed forces and government in the process.

A new film about recent militarism and the battle for the hearts and minds of young people in the UK. The film follows the stories of Ben Griffin, former SAS soldier and founder of Veterans for Peace UK, and Quaker activist Sam Walton, and features the work of ForcesWatch and partner organisations.

See here for screenings and how to organise one. See war.school.

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The Warrior Nation podcast

June 2021: In the wake of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, and the Conservative Government's attempt to impose a maximum sentence of 10-years for vandalising statues, we speak with academics Natasha Danilova and Adam Elliot-Cooper on the national histories constructed through memorials and statues, and the spaces of reconstruction opened up by their removal.

See details of all episodes.

Should the armed forces encourage young people to interact with weapons and military vehicles?  We explore why this is happening and how can it be challenged?

New protest restrictions breach human rights, say MPs and peers https://netpol.org/2021/06/22/new-protest-restrictions-breach-human-rights-say-mps-and-peers/ via @policemonitor

Recruitment of under-18s to British military should end, ministers told https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jun/23/recruitment-of-under-18s-to-british-military-should-end-ministers-told

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