What the arms fair tells us about new militarism

As the world's largest arms fair takes place in London we look at what it says about the direction of defence and its relationship with civil society.

A picture of MPs sitting in the Houses of Parliement where they are currently debating legislation on The Troubles.

Erasing accountability during The Troubles

Legislation that seeks to shield the British state from actions it took during The Troubles is currently snaking through Parliament. We took a look at the ideology underpinning it - and what it means for families still seeking justice.

Rogue heroes?

A counter-history of the SAS

Mutual militarisation. Chancellor holding his red case. Increased defence spending promises in the 2023 Spring Budget.

Mutual militarisation: the budget and NATO spending

Following the £11bn commitment to military spending in the Spring Budget, we asked Campaign Against Arms Trade's Sam Perlo-Freeman for his take on the mutual militarisation fuelled by Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Screenshot of British Army recruitment advert The Flood.

Unpicking British Army recruitment adverts

The latest British Army recruitment advert received widespread critique for innaccurate depictions of the military's role in domestic floods. We took a look at the advert and its place in the recruitment landscape.

Screenshot of the seating arrangement for the 2021 Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme graduation dinner. It shows six tables around which are seats MPs, ministers, military top brass and representatives from some of the worlds largest arms companies.

The MPs and the arms company reps

In our second analysis of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme we uncover how MPs dined with generals and arms company representatives.

Warrior Nation podcast series 4: militarism and democracy

In the UK, the military is often viewed as an impartial and benign actor subordinated to a democratic leader. This season we examine the truth behind this commonly held view.

Since 2000 the civil-military gap has been narrowing as the UK military has sought to influence democracy and democratic institutions. With our hugely knowledgeable guests, each episode explores how militarism and the military impact on democracy and democratic processes in Britain.

Mar 23: The War Racket: reflections & predictions with Professor Paul Rogers
Our host Joe Glenton and Paul discuss the parallels and differences between the invasions of Iraq and Ukraine and key themes that have emerged from our militarism and democracy podcast series.

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Warrior Nation latest podcasts

The Troubles, so called: Britain's war in Ireland

With a controversial bill approved in Parliament, we highlight three unique voices of people profoundly shaped by the so-called Troubles.

EP1: Our host Joe Glenton speaks with former British soldier Lee Lavis who settled in Northern Ireland after leaving the military and now works with former paramilitary prisoners.

EP2: We speak to Fiona Gallagher about growing up in a Catholic family amid riots, house raids and checkpoints, the killing of her brother by a British soldier and her hopes for the future of her country.

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Should the armed forces encourage young people to interact with weapons and military vehicles?  We explore why this is happening and how can it be challenged?