The Troubles, so called: Britain’s war in Ireland (EP1)

September 2023

The Troubles, so called, Episode 1
September 13, 2023

Whether it is Brexit or historical allegations, the colonial legacy of Northern Ireland haunts British politics. With a controversial bill on the war having just been approved in Parliament, ForcesWatch found three unique voices whose lives and work have been profoundly shaped by the so-called Troubles.

In the first episode of this three part special series, we speak to former British soldier Lee Lavis. Lee served in Ireland as an infantryman and settled there after leaving the military. We discuss the prospects for peace and reunification, the class dynamics which sectarianism obscures, Lee’s work with former paramilitary prisoners and the dangers and inequities of the new Northern Ireland legacy bill.

You can read more about Lee’s story and reconciliation work here.

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