Warrior Nation podcast – Lifting the Rock: the military and justice

November 2022
November 17, 2022 SEASON 4 EPISODE 2
Our host, Joe Glenton, talks to Emma Norton, Director of the Centre for Military Justice, about the glacial pace of service justice reform and what it’s like to challenge the power of the British military.

Warrior Nation podcast – Dirty Secrets: the press and the military

November 2022
November 3, 2022 SEASON 4 EPISODE 1 With Richard Norton-Taylor who covered defence and security for The Guardian newspaper for over 40 years, reporting on everything from the Cold War to the 'War on Terror'.

Warrior Nation podcast: War and Memory – Culture

December 2021
December 9, 2021 SEASON 3 EPISODE 6
In the final episode of Series 3, Joe speaks with Essex University historian Lucy Noakes and Chicago-based artist Michael Rakowitz on the creation of cultural memories around war and conflict. They cover a wide array of topics, including the Churchillian turn of British World War II narratives and how the words monument and demonstrate are linked by their roots in Latin. Their discussion beautifully encapsulates a number of topics covered across the series and explores more radical ways of remembering - or remembering better.

Warrior Nation podcast: War and Memory – Empire

October 2021
In the fifth instalment of our series on war and memory we speak with Harvard historian Maya Jasanoff on the different ways Empire is remembered in Britain and the disconnect between how the British state wants the public to view the country's colonial past and the way it is seen by different communities.

War and Memory: Moral Injury & Trauma

September 2021
In the fourth installment of our series on war and memory we speak with former British Army mental health clinician Christian Hughes on the traumatic impacts of conflict, and explore the relatively new acknowledgment of moral injury

War and Memory: Pathologising Critique

August 2021
In the third installment of our series on war and memory we speak with American academic and Vietnam veteran Jerry Lembcke on how resistance to the conflict in South East Asia was framed during the 1960s and 70s.

Warrior Nation podcast – War & memory: Witnessing

July 2021
In the second episode of our new series on war and memory, we speak with founder of Forensic Architecture Eyal Weizman and academic Susan Schuppli on the role memory plays in testimony and witnessing. The discussion explores the different approaches to evidence in war crimes tribunals, starting with the Nuremburg trials of 1945, and explains how the contemporary work of Forensic Architecture is helping to unlock the hidden memories of the victims of state violence.

Animated poem about the military recruitment of young people

June 2021
Featured Video Play Icon A spoken work poem by artist Potent Whisper, animator Neda Ahmadi, and sound designers Torch & Compass on the military recruitment of young people. See more from CRIN on Should the armed forces recruit children under the age of 18? including a comparison to a recent army recruitment advert and a learning resource from the Quakers in Britain peace education team, to encourage critical thinking about armed forces recruitment and its relationship to human rights.

Warrior Nation podcast – War & memory: Statues

June 2021
In the wake of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, and the Conservative Government's attempt to impose a maximum sentence of 10-years for vandalising statues, we speak with academics Natasha Danilova and Adam Elliot-Cooper on the national histories constructed through memorials and statues, and the spaces of reconstruction opened up by their removal.

Recruitment of children to the military in Welsh schools

April 2021
new report by Cymdeithas y Cymod, ForcesWatch and the Peace Pledge Union examines the issue of military recruitment in schools in Wales  an issue steeped in controversy and on which the Welsh government made a series of commitments in a report published in June 2015following a public petition submitted in 2012. Since then, little tangible progress has been made against those commitments, yet military recruitment visits to Welsh schools have continued undiminished. 

Centre for Military Justice

The Centre for Military Justice provide access to free, independent, expert legal advice when dealing with serious bullying, sexual harassment, gender-based violence or other forms of discrimination, including racial discrimination, and to bereaved military families needing legal support and representation when dealing with the aftermath of a service death. The helpline number is 0203 848 6820 or contact them on email.

Warrior Nation podcast – Filling the void in defence journalism: Phil Miller in conversation with Joe Glenton

December 2020
Joe Glenton is joined by Phil Miller, staff reporter at Declassified UK and author of 'Keenie Meenie: The British mercenaries who got away with war crimes', for a wide ranging discussion on defence journalism and coverage of the UK military in the media.

Warrior Nation podcast – What’s wrong with Armed Forces Day?

June 2020
In the first episode of our second series, we talk about Armed Forces Day with Symon Hill of the Peace Pledge Union, the pacifist campaigning organisation.

Webinar: Mobilising the crisis: Covid-19 and the UK military

June 2020
Featured Video Play Icon This webinar was recorded on 10 June 2020. Leading critical military studies academics discuss the role and operation of the UK military in the COVID-19 crisis and, in the light of the #BlackLivesMatter protests, how militarism intersects with racism and public control at home and abroad.