Warrior Nation podcast – Dirty Secrets: the press and the military

November 2022

November 3, 2022 SEASON 4 EPISODE 1

Back in 2003, every national British newspaper bar the Guardian supported the invasion of Iraq – including The Guardian’s sister paper, The Observer. Unfortunately, this was not an anomaly (dodgy dossiers or not). The sad truth is that it is very hard to find critical pieces on the UK’s armed forces. And since the Edward Snowden leaks, Britain’s intelligence establishment has worked assiduously to ensure that even The Guardian begins to tow the line.

You really can’t talk about British defence and security journalism without mentioning today’s guest. Richard Norton-Taylor covered defence and security for The Guardian newspaper for over 40 years, reporting on everything from the Cold War to the ‘War on Terror’. Winner of a number of awards he was once described by a GCHQ officials as a thorn in the side of the intelligence establishment.

As always, the show was presented by our very own Joe Glenton. If you’d like to learn more about Joe’s new book Veteranhood (as mentioned in the podcast by Michael) then head over to his publisher Repeater.

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