Cadet forces to be expanded in state schools



Military ‘spirit’ is to be encouraged in classrooms with the expansion of cadet forces in state schools.

Michael Gove, the education secretary, wants to see more after-school uniform parades to instil the “spirit of service” in the next generation.

On Monday he will announce further measures to increase the influence of the armed forces in the classroom.

Schools in England and Wales are already preparing for the ‘Troops to Teachers’ programme that will see former ex-service personnel offered free training courses to take up a second career in teaching.

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Is pushing the cadets really in pupils’ best interests?

Cadet units are not a social panacea but a recruitment tool. Our article, published in Schools Week, critiques the social impact report being used by the MoD to validate the expansion of cadets in state schools.

The Ministry of Defence has no place in our schools

Children don’t need militarism. They need a decent learning environment, writes Rhianna Louise. Our piece in The Morning Star about the latest announcement of more cadet units in schools and the problematic social impact report that has been published to support this.