Army officer recruitment drive in universities


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A major new Army officer recruitment drive is targeting university students. Why is this acknowledged as ‘recruitment’, when similar activities in schools are not?

A major new Army officer recruitment drive, ‘With Heart, With Mind‘, is targeting university students.

The drive in universities is being widely reported in the media as ‘recruitment’, despite being little-different in its approach from many of the activites that the armed forces conduct in schools in colleges. Strikingly, in the last few years the armed forces and Ministry of Defence have repeatedly claimed – despite a large body of evidence to the contrary – that ‘the armed forces never visit schools for recruitment purposes’. As the current Army activities in universities show, armed forces ‘recruitment’ in the education is a process, rather than the specific act of students signing up then and there.

ForcesWatch are concerned about the sanitised, glamourised image of the Army that is apparently being put across to students.

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