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Kids with guns

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Tory boost for cadets in schools needs fighting


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This article was first published in the Morning Star.

The Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, recently announced that 25 out of 150 proposed new school cadet units would soon be opening. Despite the presentation of this development as new policy, the Cadet Expansion Programme promoting cadet forces in state schools, was first announced in 2012. While the Government heralds the cadets as a silver bullet in terms of improving pupil attainment and development, the sight of ranks of pupils as young as 12 in military gear and handling weapons will ring alarm bells for many. That this is happening within education raises additional concerns.


‘Character Building’ range of HM Armed Forces toys



A 'Character Building' series of armed forces toys licensed by the MoD is discredited by the new Veterans for Peace UK short film on some of the things that these toys don't show, and by developments in 'character education' that indicate there is no need for 'military ethos' initiatives in UK schools.


War veterans call for rethink on recruitment of 16-year-olds


The Guardian

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Former professionals condemn recruitment of teenagers by ‘pushing the notion of a noble military career to children’.


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What does ForcesWatch aim to do?