Warrior Nation: A material world: think-tank funding and defending the status quo

March 2023

March 02, 2023 SEASON 4 EPISODE 8

Think-tanks are a key part of the political process in the UK – indeed globally – but do they actually promote democracy? Which ones have influence, how are they funded, and what role does legacy media have in amplifying their ideas.

In this episode we speak with Rethinking Security coordinator Richard Reeve and  academic Kjølv Egeland, experts in the multifaceted world of defence and security think-tanks. They discuss how funding plays a key role in think-tank output, constraining critique and ensuring the most dominant ideas remain within the boundaries of the status quo.

You can read Kjølv’s latest research into think-tanks here or catch up with Richard’s work over at the Rethinking Security website.

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Music by Esion Noise.

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