Report of Inquiry into National Recognition of our Armed Forces

May 2008

Report of Inquiry into the National Recognition of the Armed Forces published by the Labour Government in 2008. The report was concerned with measures to:

Increase the recognition that we give to our Armed Forces – including wearing uniforms in public, the idea of a national Armed Forces Day, greater support for homecoming parades, and an expansion of cadet forces, which we know bring benefit to the Armed Forces and young people alike…[involving] local authorities, voluntary bodies, the private sector and, above all, the people up and down the country who devote their time to running cadet units or military charities, or who need another way of expressing their appreciation for what our Armed Forces do for us.

It made forty recommendations for ‘increasing visibility’, ‘improving contact’, ‘building understanding’ and ‘encouraging support’ for the Armed Forces.

In October 2008 the Government response indicated how each measure identified in the Inquiry report would be addressed.

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