Presentations from the Militarisation in Everyday Life in the UK conference

November 2013

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Diana Francis, Looking at everyday militarisation

Bryan Mabee, Queen Mary University London:
Militarism in context — the policy framework

David Gee: The changing armed forces

Emma Sangster: Young people and the military

Sarah Bulmer, Exeter University & David Jackson,
Veteran to Veteran: Rethinking the Veteran

Kevin McSorley, University of Portsmouth:
Militarism and the body

Victoria Basham, Exeter University:  The militarisation of
childhood in the UK – some recent trends

Barnaby Pace, Scientists for Global Responsibility:
The military and security

Ann Feltham, Campaign Against the Arms Trade:
The military and the corporate takeover

Saskia Neibig, Woodcraft Folk:
Raising awareness, taking action

Sian Jones, feminist nonviolence activist with
Women in Black: Raising awareness, taking action

Chris Rossdale, City University London:
Raising awareness, taking action

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