AT EASE advice

AT EASE is an advice service to those in the armed forces and family members which has been running since the 1980s. It is staffed by volunteers. There is a telephone helpline or you can send an email. There is information on various terms of service issues and conscientious objection on the website.

From the AT EASE website:

“Those who seek our help are those that find their personal needs or ambitions thwarted by the strict military regime in which everything is governed by the Queen’s Regulations. There is no typical problem; Courts Marshal, requests for discharge, disciplinary or grievance related issues are just some of those which we encounter. In addition there is a wide range of social difficulties including depression, combat fatigue, dependence on drugs or alcohol, Gulf War syndrome and disputes about pension entitlements.

“This service is especially needed, since members of the Forces do not enjoy employment protection or the right of Trade Union membership. At times of difficulty the very closeness of relationships on which the Forces depend can impose severe limits on the individual or family whose needs differ from what their service provides for.”

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Conscientious Objection


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