Warrior Nation: Anti-establishment ethos: critiquing the military and foreign policy

January 2023

January 05, 2023 SEASON 4 EPISODE 5

Foreign and military policy doesn’t cut through to voters, or so it is said. What matters to the public is bread and butter economic policy or GP surgery hours. Yet, is it really the case that people simply don’t care about, for example, Yemen? And if not, why not?

Is it the case that the main parties are so alike on these matters that there appears to be no space for debate? Much was made of Qatar’s human rights record during the men’s World Cup, but where was any critique of the RAF’s role in training Qatari pilots? And what would it take to put the military industrial complex front and centre, where it arguably should be?

In this episode we speak with journalist Mark Curtis, founder and editor of Declassified UK, on the issue of reporting critically about British foreign policy and why think-tanks and the mainstream press help perpetuate a myth of Britain’s role in the world.

To learn more about Mark’s work head over to the Declassified website.

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Music by Esion Noise.

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