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14/02/2019 ForcesWatch comment

We look at the Lost Heroines campaign by specialist lawyers Bolt Burdon Kemp which highlights some of the issues facing women in the military, with a particular focus on sexual harassment.

16/01/2015 The Telegraph

Army cadet units could help cut the rate of teenage pregnancies, an education minister has said.

Lord Nash said teenage girls from single-parent families who had “never experienced the love of a man” could be deterred from forming “unsuitable relationships” if they enrolled in a cadet unit.

08/05/2014 The Guardian

Defence secretary Philip Hammond has signalled that women will be eligible to serve in combat roles in the British army for the first time.

equality, gender, recruitment
06/05/2014 Vron Ware on

You know the British Army is experiencing a crisis in recruitment when they start to make noises about ending the ban on women in combat roles...

equality, gender, recruitment
10/12/2012 openDemocracy

How does militarism change social and cultural expectations of gender roles and relations? This is a huge question. This article by Vron Ware considers three areas.