Could you take a seat for the next generation?

Our Peaceworker, Jen Harrison, writes about attending the DSEI arms fair and how arms companies target young people as future employees and supporters.

Facts or Anecdotes? The battle for the truth over the outcomes of military service

We look at recent reports on the levels of abuse in the armed forces and growing ackowledgement of the systemic failures in how complaints are handled.

Scottish Government ignores child rights concerns around armed forces activities in schools

Quakers in Scotland and ForcesWatch are disappointed that the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament have decided to close further investigation of how to implement their own recommendations around oversight of armed forces activities in schools.

British army targets youngest and poorest for riskiest roles

A new report from the Child Rights International Network shows that the British army is intentionally targeting young people from deprived backgrounds for the roles carrying the greatest risks in war.

Interrogating British armed forces recruiting in contemporary times

In this lecture Professor Paul Higate from the University of Bath looks at the ways in which ‘British values’ have helped to obscure the militarised character of the nation, which is evident in its long history of the use of military violence abroad.

Paul draws upon his service in the RAF to discuss the British Army’s recruitment campaign ‘This is Belonging’, the Home Office instigated ‘hostile environment’ and the racialised character of social policy more broadly. Read the lecture transcript.

A new film about recent militarism and the battle for the hearts and minds of young people in the UK. The film follows former soldiers and activists, now working for peace, and features the work of ForcesWatch and partner organisations. See here for screenings and how to organise one.

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Should the armed forces encourage young people to interact with weapons and military vehicles?

We explore why this is happening, is it right and how can it be challenged?

Listen to our new podcast!

Listen to the first episodes of our Warrior Nation podcast and see more details here.

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Well done @newham_nataf who handed in a 5,000 signature petition today to the Royal Docks Enterprise Zone calling on them to speak out against the #DSEI arms fair. @MayorofLondon @RokhsanaFiaz @lynbrownmp & @NewhamLondon support their call to #StopDSEI

So the UK is preparing for the arrival of two new F35 US air force fighter squadrons at a USAF based in the UK which has just tweeted that “offense is the essence of air power".

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