Useful resources

The Unseen March

This short film questioning the creeping militarisation of schools brings together voices from education, the armed forces and public life. See Quakers in Britain resources on militarism.

Science4Society week

Science4Society Week is a collection of science education activities and designed to inspire young people, coordinated by Scientists for Global Responsibility who research and campaign for ethical science, design and technology.

A peace education resource for primary schools

See other peace education resources from the Peace Education Network and its members.

Soldiers at 16 – The other side of the story

A series of short films about one young man’s experience of being in, and then leaving, the army. See resources on raising the age of recruitment from Child Soldiers International. .

White poppies for a culture of peace

See more about the white poppy and how you can order them from the Peace Pledge Union.

Peace Week pack

A whole-school Peace Week to help schools explore the kind of society their students want to live in. See Quakers in Britain resources on peace education.


To read the latest from Campaign Against Arms Trade and for many other resources see

Strategic communications

Developing and communicating your message is at the centre of your campaign. This briefing and video will help your group develop an effective communications strategy for your project or campaign.

White poppies for schools

Help your local school explore what the white poppy means and offer it as an alternative to the red poppy. See here

Rethinking Remembrance Day in schools

This briefing explores how teaching remembrance in schools can encourage critical thinking about what and how we remember, and how this can be used to foster a culture of peace. See here

Remembering for peace assembly

For use in schools with teachers notes and powerpoint. The resource also comes as part of the Teach Peace education pack from the Peace Education Network.

Activist guides

Global Justice Now have produced a series of campaigning and media ‘how-to’ guides for activists in different movements. Also see their Making the most of the media guide.

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