Presentations from the Militarisation in Everyday Life in the UK conference
November 2013

The Militarisation in Everyday Life in the UK conference was held in London in October 2013 and was organised by ForcesWatch. It brought together academics, writers, activists and campaigners who are researching, writing, campaigning on, or just concerned about the implications of the militarisation of everyday life in the UK.

The following presentations were made at the conference. Not every presentation was filmed. For details about the conference, the programme, background reading and discussions on the day, see here.


Diana Francis, Looking at everyday militarisation

Bryan Mabee, Queen Mary University London:
Militarism in context -- the policy framework

David Gee: The changing armed forces

Emma Sangster: Young people and the military

Sarah Bulmer, Exeter University & David Jackson,
Veteran to Veteran: Rethinking the Veteran

Kevin McSorley, University of Portsmouth:
Militarism and the body

Victoria Basham, Exeter University:  The militarisation of
childhood in the UK - some recent trends

Barnaby Pace, Scientists for Global Responsibility:
The military and security

Ann Feltham, Campaign Against the Arms Trade:
The military and the corporate takeover

Saskia Neibig, Woodcraft Folk:
Raising awareness, taking action

Sian Jones, feminist nonviolence activist with
Women in Black: Raising awareness, taking action

Chris Rossdale, City University London:
Raising awareness, taking action