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Anna Stavrianakis

ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies,Volume 8, issue 3, 2009

Arms company and military involvement with schools and universities in the UK takes a number of forms and has a variety of effects. Countering mainstream narratives around national security, good and bad forms of globalisation, and economic competitiveness, Stavrianakis argues that these effects are best characterised as the commercialisation and militarisation of education in pursuit of state and corporate goals. These are both forms of instrumentalisation that damage the autonomous space educational establishments strive to provide. Such developments are not going unnoticed however, and resistance to them continues.


armed forces impact sheetPax Christi have developed this educational resource with ideas for activities and discussion. It ask questions such as:

  • What effect does armed forces life have on young people?
  • How do the armed forces recruit young people?
  • What effect have wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had on young people’s opinions of the armed forces?
  • With the increasing levels of violence amongst young people should they be encouraged to join the armed forces?"
November 2007

An independent report by David Gee, published in 2007, highlighting the risks posed to young people through joining the military, how young people from disadvantaged communities are targeted, how information available to potential recruits is often misleading and how the terms of service are complicated, confusing and severely restricting. The research found that a large proportion join for negative reasons, including the lack of civilian career options.


army of noneStrategies to counter military recruitment, end war, and build a better world

Aimee Allison and David Solnit, 2007

This is a book from the heart of the vibrant counter recruitment movement in the United States. It looks at the many ways in which schools and communities have become targets for military recruiters and how those schools and communities have responded - with a powerful movement that seeks to resist the militarisation of young people.

If you want to join the Army make sure you know ALL the facts before you sign up.Don’t find out the hard way!

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