Choices Then and Now – Peace Museum UK’s World War I Centenary Project

Choices Then and Now is a cross curricular resource that suggests strategies for teaching about World War I, recent and current conflicts, extremism and resilience and the choices available to people then and now.

The full colour booklet provides a scheme of work, differentiated mid term plans and a range of untold  stories to engage  primary, secondary and post sixteen students. The accompanying CD ROM contains limited stories and activities for Key Stage 1 and a wide range of materials for teaching and learning across all phases, largely drawn from items in the Peace Museum UK’s extensive collection. Visit to find out more about the diverse items in the collection.

Untold stories featured include:

  • Football for Christmas – the Christmas Truce of 1914
  • Brothers at War – the story of Bert Brocklesby, a Conscientious Objector (CO), exploring the choices and consequences of his decision not to kill on himself and on the rest of his family, who chose to support the war and had very different experiences as a result
  • The Talking Walls and Talking Pages – the stories left by COs on the walls of the cells in Richmond Castle and the stories and thoughts left in print by members of the Bradford Pals, in The Tyke magazine
  • I Want to go to School! – Malala Yousafzai – human rights and the power of the Internet
  • Bill and I – a story adapted from the Tyke detailing how two young men joined the army in 1914 and why
  • Boy Soldiers – the ‘Shot at Dawn Campaign’ and the story of  Herbert Burden aged 16 and other boys who were ‘shot at dawn’ by their own army
  • Hidden Medals – the story of one of the Bradford Pals Henry ‘Harry’ Roberts – Military Cross
  • The Feather Girls – the story of the white feather girls who awarded men and boys not in uniform, the ‘Order of the White Feather’ as a badge of cowardice
  • A Soldier and a Sportsman – Walter Tull the first Black officer to command White troops in the British army
  • The Bravest Man I Ever Met – the story of Isaac Hall, Black, Afro Caribbean CO
  • A Great Poster? – propaganda, information and misinformation then and now
  • Women Marching for Peace – the Women’s Peace Crusade of 1917  and Bradford Women for Peace’s campaign to counteract the English Defence League in the 21st century
  • Whose Poppy? – red, white and purple poppies; origins and contentious issues
  • One Girl and a Blog – Malala Yousafzai, the Internet,  hidden messages and resilience; al-Qaeda, the Taliban and extreme right wing pressure groups.

Choices Then and Now facilitates an exploration of challenging issues of peace, conflict, extremism and resilience.  The untold stories, primary and secondary sources, all encourage students to pose questions about what sort of information and media influences our choices and consider the role of emerging technologies in influencing opinions and what we know about the world; asking them to evaluate the purpose and intention of the messages that may be found on the Internet and in the media.

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