Recruitment of children to the military in Welsh schools

April 2021
new report by Cymdeithas y Cymod, ForcesWatch and the Peace Pledge Union examines the issue of military recruitment in schools in Wales  an issue steeped in controversy and on which the Welsh government made a series of commitments in a report published in June 2015following a public petition submitted in 2012. Since then, little tangible progress has been made against those commitments, yet military recruitment visits to Welsh schools have continued undiminished. 

Centre for Military Justice

The Centre for Military Justice provide access to free, independent, expert legal advice when dealing with serious bullying, sexual harassment, gender-based violence or other forms of discrimination, including racial discrimination, and to bereaved military families needing legal support and representation when dealing with the aftermath of a service death.The helpline number is 0203 848 6820 or contact them on email.

Warrior Nation podcast – Filling the void in defence journalism: Phil Miller in conversation with Joe Glenton

December 2020
Joe Glenton is joined by Phil Miller, staff reporter at Declassified UK and author of 'Keenie Meenie: The British mercenaries who got away with war crimes', for a wide ranging discussion on defence journalism and coverage of the UK military in the media.

Warrior Nation podcast – What’s wrong with Armed Forces Day?

June 2020
In the first episode of our second series, we talk about Armed Forces Day with Symon Hill of the Peace Pledge Union, the pacifist campaigning organisation.

Webinar: Mobilising the crisis: Covid-19 and the UK military

June 2020
Featured Video Play IconThis webinar was recorded on 10 June 2020.Leading critical military studies academics discuss the role and operation of the UK military in the COVID-19 crisis and, in the light of the #BlackLivesMatter protests, how militarism intersects with racism and public control at home and abroad.

Warrior Nation: Militarism, War & Resistance

November 2019
For the finale of our first podcast season, we spoke to political hip hop artist Lowkey about war, militarism, the current political climate, and our hopes and prospects for the future. The event was recorded in front of a live audience at Housmans Bookshop in London on 4 December and co-hosted with peace activist Maya Evans. The music in this podcast is from Hand On Your Gun by Lowkey.

Planning Remembrance Day events in your school

This guidance is based on five-years of research carried out by Oxford Brookes University and Brunel University London. It looks at how school leaders can approach discussing ethical themes related to conflict.

Data on military visits and activities in schools

The latest information available and some quick guidance on using this data.

The British armed forces: Why raising the recruitment age would benefit everyone

A briefing (Child Soldiers International, 2019) making the case for setting 18 as the minimum age for recruitment.

Conscription by poverty? Deprivation and army recruitment in the UK

August 2019
This report from the Child Rights International Network, Conscription by poverty? Deprivation and army recruitment in the UK, states that the UK is the only country in Europe to recruit from age 16 and more soldiers are recruited at 16 than any other age.

Countering the Militarisation of Youth

An international network of organisations working to 'break the cycle of teaching violence to young people'. Run by War Resisters International.

National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth

A network of organisations opposing the militarization of schools and young people in the USA. 

Kids with guns

June 2019
Should the armed forces encourage young people to interact with weapons and military vehicles?Our new web resource looks at why is this happening and asks if it is right and how can it be challenged?

The Warrior Nation podcast

The Warrior Nation podcast is a deep dive into military affairs and the relationship between defence, the armed forces and civil society in modern Britain, produced and edited by ForcesWatch.

Issues relating to Service Complaints system and the youngest armed forces personnel

May 2019
In this written submission to the Defence Committee's inquiry into the work of the Service Complaints Ombudsman, we focus on how issues with the complaints system may affect the youngest serving personnel in the armed forces, particularly those under 18 years old, and recommend that the youngest members of the armed forces are considered as a distinct group in relation to the functioning of the service complaints system.