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Why You Must Watch 'A War'


'I have been in a war, I have been shot at, I have been blown up, I have lost friends and I have very confused feelings about all those experiences. Watching a Hollywood interpretation about what war is, and how it affects everyone involved, does not really interest me.' These are the words of a former Marine. However, he felt differently about the acclaimed new Danish film 'A War', about the war in Afghanistan.

This Forces TV video shows him and two other British veterans of the Afghanistan war (one Marine and one Navy medic) discuss their thoughts and feelings after watching the film.

They all felt that it was a very realistic representation of the horror of the war, and their partners said it also showed the experience of being a loved one back at home very truthful.

The former Navy medic said emphatically of the film: 'MPs should watch it. The guys who make the foreign policy on this country should watch it. Every single one of them should watch it.'

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