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Schools, colleges and universities that have pledged public support to the armed forces Reserves

Support for Britain's Reservists & Employers (SaBRE)

More than 80 schools, colleges and universities have pledged public support for the armed forces Reserves, by implementing a special HR policy for members of staff who are in the Reserves. You can view the list here. One headteacher who is also a Major in the Army Reserve says, 'I draw on my Army life every day in the school, and I have drawn on my civilian life many times while being in the Army. I am proud of my dual role.'

If you have any concerns about how this push for employers to be Reserves-friendly is targetting schools, such as the impact staff members' deployment to a war-zone could have on students, and any of the schools, colleges or universities are in your area, why not get in touch with them? 

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