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Iraq abuse whistleblower Nick Mercer: 'Schools must teach speaking truth to power'

The Independent

Children should be given lessons in human rights to give them the courage to blow the whistle on abuses they witness as adults, according to an ex-Army lawyer who went public with his concerns about the mistreatment of Iraqis.

Reverend Nick Mercer, now a school chaplain at Sherborne School in Dorset, believes that classes on human rights would help society avoid repeating the serious cover-ups that have emerged in the past decade, including the Jimmy Savile affair, Mid Staffs hospital, Hillsborough, and the child abuse rings uncovered in Rochdale and Rotherham.

He is delivering a series of talks at state and independent schools urging them to put a sharper focus on recognising human rights during religious education and personal, social and health education lessons (PSHE). He also wants the schools themselves to adopt a higher profile on ensuring their pupils adopt a moral code in their behaviour throughout the school.

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