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Critical thinking education in schools

SUNY Courtland ; The Guardian

This short article by academics at the State University of New York Courtland describes the need for critical thinking teaching in schools. Although it has a US focus, the same key points apply to the UK education system:

* ‘Any time you have a culture that is completely dominated by one ideology, that ideology will ignore or suppress challenges to its dominance. Critical thinking is a challenge to ideology in general.’

* ‘Since controversy is a fact of our public life, teaching students to make reasoned judgments about controversial issues and to be able to discuss them rationally is an essential part of the school’s civic mission.’

* techniques teachers can use to develop critical thinking in their students includes role-playing the alternative point of view.

* the article frames critical thinking it as an important‘character’ trait  

This Guardian piece gives some good examples of how teachers in the UK encouraged critical thinking among their students regarding the November 2015 Paris attacks.

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