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Bullying 'seen as acceptable in Army' as survey reveals every woman questioned was victim of unwanted attention


Bullying is perceived as “acceptable” among some in the Army, according to an internal report that found every single woman questioned said they had been the victim of unwanted sexual attention.

It also revealed that many soldiers who believed that they were treated unfairly did not want to complain because they did not trust the chain of command.

Details of the report emerged in a memo from Major General John Lorimer to the Army’s Adjutant General, Lieutenant General Gerry Berragan, which was leaked to Channel 4 News.

Maj General Lorimer, who commands nearly 25,000 personnel in 3 Division, reported the findings of his survey of 6,000 of them, including 400 women.

His memo reported that every woman spoken to “claims to have been the subject of unwanted sexual attention”.

“This is an unacceptable situation and one you might consider to be a future area of pan-Army focus,” he wrote.

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