The century since the end of the First World War has seen significant development in thinking around war trauma. We explore what the current lack of recognition of moral injury and the part it plays in mental health says about our attitude to war and serving personnel.


While militarism has long been a central dynamic in British history, it has current manifestations that are particular to the present day. We look at key aspects of 'the new tide of militarisation' in the UK and list further sources of information on everyday militarism.

military in society

With recent announcements about cadets in schools and Cyber Cadets, we critique government commissioned research and political thinking that could lead to a far wider introduction of cadets and the harnessing of young people into 'tackling security threats'.


The BBC drama Bodyguard misrepresents the actions and concerns of veterans working for peace.


Our response to the Public Accounts Committee have today published their report Skill Shortages in the Armed Forces, which makes a number of problematic recommendations that put the military's operational needs over other considerations.


Recruitment drive focuses on teenagers seeking adrenaline, says Child Soldiers International


Petition launched after members claim partnership with military runs counter to the Guides’ peace ethos


Defence groups sponsor lessons that promote building and sale of military hardware


ICM survey was commissioned by campaigners against child soldiers

recruitment age

The Defence Select Committee recommended that the Ministry of Defence ‘conducts or commissions further research into female personnel, early Service leavers and recruits under 18 to determine the extent to which they are at higher risk of developing mental health conditions.’

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