terms of service

24/11/2016 Child Soldiers International press release

Figures released today reveal that the British Army has increased its intake of 16-year-olds in the past 12 months, defying calls from the UN, children’s rights organisations and others campaigning for an end to the recruitment of minors.

16/12/2015 ForcesWatch press release

Ahead of the House of Commons debate on the Armed Forces Bill on Wednesday 16 December, ForcesWatch has published a new report calling for a change in the law ending military recruitment under 18 years of age.

16/12/2015 The Guardian

ForcesWatch report calls on UK military to stop recruiting minors altogether, as armed forces bill due for third reading

24/11/2014 Support for Britain's Reservists & Employers (SaBRE)

More than 80 schools, colleges and universities have pledged public support for the armed forces Reserves, by implementing a special HR policy for members of staff who are in the Reserves. You can view the list here.

08/10/2014 Child Soldiers International press release

Campaigners lodge claim for judicial review of “Catch-22” rules, which force youngest recruits to serve for longest. New poll: public support for raising armed forces’ enlistment age to 18 continues to grow.

01/11/2013 The Guardian

After telling the Guardian it would not be revisiting its recruitment policy the MoD is doing exactly that

22/11/2012 Defence Management

The rules on handling discipline and complaints in the British Army have created a 'kangaroo court' system and act as a 'bullies charter' for senior officers, an Army officer has reportedly claimed.

terms of service
26/05/2011 The Friend

Quakers have been central to a campaign that resulted in a change to government policy last week, as a minister announced that teenage soldiers will be given the right to discharge at any time before turning eighteen.

19/05/2011 Defence Management

The Ministry of Defence is set to make it easier for personnel under the age of 18 to leave the armed forces, it has been announced.

17/05/2011 parliament.co.uk

The report from the JHRC on the Armed Forces Bill 'raises a number of significant human rights concerns in connection with the Bill' and 'calls on the Government to clarify the arrangements for the discharge of under-18s from the Armed Forces and to amend the service commitment made by  under-18s to bring it in line with the commitment made by recruits of other ages.'