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18/10/2016 Guardian

Recruiting children aged 16 and 17 into the British army places them at greater risk of death, injury and long-term mental health problems than those recruited as adults, according to a new report.

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02/06/2016 ForcesWatch press release

With the new inquest verdict into the death of Cheryl James at Deepcut, ForcesWatch is calling on Ministers to implement important recommendations for young recruits made in 2005.

23/05/2016 Child Soldiers International

An open letter to the Ministry of Defence from national children’s organisations and rights groups calls on them to stop recruiting 16 and 17 year olds into the armed forces. The letter has been made public on the same day that the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child begins its periodic examination of the UK’s record on child rights. In 2008, the UN urged the UK to raise the enlistment age to 18.

30/03/2016 Chatham House

The army's venerable tradition no longer makes financial sense.

22/12/2015 The Guardian

Britain is the only country in Europe to recruit 16-year-olds into its armed forces. The cynical targeting of underprivileged youngsters must end

16/12/2015 The Guardian

ForcesWatch report calls on UK military to stop recruiting minors altogether, as armed forces bill due for third reading

21/06/2015 The Guardian

Former professionals condemn recruitment of teenagers by ‘pushing the notion of a noble military career to children’.

19/06/2015 The Daily Wales

The Welsh Government has been told to review of the way the British Armed Forces are allowed to recruit in Welsh schools.

11/01/2015 Sunday Times

THE children’s commissioner for England has accused the armed forces of breaching the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child by recruiting soldiers from the age of 16.

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08/10/2014 Child Soldiers International press release

Campaigners lodge claim for judicial review of “Catch-22” rules, which force youngest recruits to serve for longest. New poll: public support for raising armed forces’ enlistment age to 18 continues to grow.