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03/03/2015 The Independent

"Militarism has no place in classrooms. This resource is ideologically driven and should be withdrawn."

The Government has been accused of helping indoctrinate children with pro-military values through a new schools pack aimed at promoting the armed forces.

25/02/2015 Times Education Supplement; UK Government; Academies Week

The Troops to Teachers scheme is being extended until the end of the 2016-2017 academic year, despite the fact that only 41 veterans started in the first cohort in January 2014, and only 54 in the second cohort in September 2014. The move has been criticised by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers...

25/02/2015 Central England Quakers; Peace Education Network

The interactive theatre production, 'Over The Top', created by and featuring the experienced writers and performers of issue-based theatre Lynn and David Morris, which looks at the opposing views of a pro-military head teacher and a peace activist parent regarding the military's influence in the school, is to be performed in London on 24 March 2015.

25/02/2015 Cardiff United Nations Association; Cardiff News Plus; Made in Cardiff TV

On Red Hand Day (the annual international day of campaigning against the use of child soldiers), 12 February, 2015, a well-attended event at Cardiff's Temple of Peace called for an end to military presence and influence in schools and colleges in Wales. Featuring speakers from ForcesWatch and Fellowship of Reconciliation Wales, the event explored the nature of armed forces visits to schools and colleges in Wales, as well as the military's 'engagement' with young people in Wales more broadly...

25/02/2015 Young Quakers in Canada

'Youth in Canada - particularly young people of faith - are increasingly concerned about militarism in our society; and how this affects them...'

11/02/2015 UCL

An example of how critical scrutiny of the Military Ethos in Schools programme is being sustained from people outside of ForcesWatch, comes from an Institute of Education conference in February 2015, where Victoria Basham, senior lecturer in Politics at Exeter University, gave a critical overview of the Department for Education's Military Ethos in Schools programme. Her talk was filmed, and can be viewed online here...

22/01/2015 The Guardian

Growing number of organisations employ ex-servicemen and women to work in schools helping children develop ‘character’

19/01/2015 National Youth Agency

Jon Boagey, operations director [at the National Youth Agency], asks why military ethos doesn’t seem to need evidence to get government funding.

16/01/2015 The Telegraph

Army cadet units could help cut the rate of teenage pregnancies, an education minister has said.

Lord Nash said teenage girls from single-parent families who had “never experienced the love of a man” could be deterred from forming “unsuitable relationships” if they enrolled in a cadet unit.

16/01/2015 BBC

The Army is launching a publicity campaign to keep its work in the public eye, following the end of combat operations in Afghanistan.