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30/06/2015 The Telegraph

Allegations of abuse of misbehaving students at the Duke of York's Royal Military School.

30/06/2015 Citizenship Foundation

In a new film from the Quakers, comedian Mark Thomas and former MP Clare Short claim the Government is misusing the education system to encourage support for its wars and to promote careers in the armed forces.

30/06/2015 Child Soldiers International

Compulsory education for 16-17s: research reveals that the armed forces are not required to give child soldiers the same minimum standard as civilian institutions. The minimum attainment requirement of the Army (which has the vast majority of children in the armed forces) is shown to be very low.

30/06/2015 The Independent

The freelance journalist Lee Williams gives an overview of the UK military's youth engagement, and presents a strong ethical case for why the armed forces should stop recruiting children.

21/06/2015 The Guardian

Former professionals condemn recruitment of teenagers by ‘pushing the notion of a noble military career to children’.

19/06/2015 The Daily Wales

The Welsh Government has been told to review of the way the British Armed Forces are allowed to recruit in Welsh schools.

10/06/2015 Army

In addition to placing a soldier on each school coach visiting the First World War battlefields (as part of the government’s flagship  Centenary initiative to have at least two students from every school in the country visit them), the Army have launched their own First World War teaching resources for schools, and are offering to send soldiers to schools to ‘support teaching activities’. 

10/06/2015 various

Despite developments in character education that suggest there is no need for military ethos initiatives, and further questions around the rigour of evaluations supposedly justifying further funding of military ethos schemes, several such schemes have recently received funding...

06/06/2015 Schools Week ; The Daily Mail

'The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been blocked from obtaining highly sensitive personal data about school and college students, which had ostensibly been sought in order to help “target its messaging” around military careers...'

02/06/2015 Open Democracy

Europe's largest arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, has applied to sponsor the failing Furness Academy. The reason is profit.