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28/07/2015 The Independent; The Telegraph; 38 Degrees

The government's planned 'review' of the Freedom of Information Act is likely to significantly restrict it, making it harder for organisations like ForcesWatch to shed light on important issues regarding public institutions such as the armed forces. A petition calling for the Act to be protected already has 76,480 signatures.

28/07/2015 Isle of Wight County Press

One way of challenging the problematic further incursion of the military in the UK education system is to start a debate about it in your local paper, and by writing to your MP, as Roger Bartrum from the Isle of Wight has done.

28/07/2015 The Citizenship Foundation

The Citizenship Foundation's new resources focus on facilitating primary school students' critical thinking skills. Discussing the military in this rigorous way would give students a more balanced impression of armed forces life.

16/07/2015 Schools Week, ForcesWatch

The Education Select Committee has accused the Government of failing to make progress on improving PSHE in schools. PSHE could be a good place for students to take part in informed, balanced discussion on the military.

13/07/2015 Schools Week, Children & Young People Now, Ekklesia.

Here are several updates following last week's government budget announcement that £50 million would go to expanding the number of state school Combined Cadet Forces to 500 (an increase of over 300), focusing on disadvantaged schools:

* Schools Week have discovered that the request for the extra £50m government funding for the expansion of Combined Cadet Forces into around 300 more state schools was made by the MoD

* Criticisms of the funding decision have come from the National Youth Agency ("it's a real missed opportunity not to have invested some of it in good quality youth work which delivers 'character' and a whole lot more besides for young people"), and the Quakers (“Ultimately, militarism in schools leads to two kinds of recruitment: the recruitment of teenagers into the armed forces, and the recruitment of wider society to be war ready. Both go undebated. Why can’t we invest in education for peace, not war?”)

08/07/2015 UK Government

The Academies Enterprise Trust, the largest multi-sponsor of academies in the UK, has signed an Armed Forces Corporate Covenant, committing it to supporting: Military Ethos in Schools initiatives, teachers being in the Reserves, and Armed Forces Day. This represents a major shift.

08/07/2015 Schools Week

The number of cadet units in state schools is to increase five-fold by 2020, George Osborne announced today in the Summer Budget.


A 'Character Building' series of armed forces toys licensed by the MoD is discredited by the new Veterans for Peace UK short film on some of the things that these toys don't show, and by developments in 'character education' that indicate there is no need for 'military ethos' initiatives in UK schools.

30/06/2015 Vice

Cogent article on the context of the striking new short film from Veterans for Peace UK, 'Action Man: Battlefield Casualties' , which presents a new range of war-traumatised action men.

30/06/2015 The Telegraph

Allegations of abuse of misbehaving students at the Duke of York's Royal Military School.