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21/10/2015 ForcesTV; Army

A major new Army officer recruitment drive is targeting university students. Why is this acknowledged as 'recruitment', when similar activities in schools are not?

21/10/2015 The Guardian

French soldiers have been criticised by the French MoD and local education authorities for having school pupils aged 10 and under try out unloaded assault rifles. There had been no similar outcry regarding similar armed forces activities in schools in the UK, which are driven by the UK MoD.

20/10/2015 Children's Commissioner for Wales, ForcesWatch, Child Soldiers International

ForcesWatch are encouraging people in Wales to fill in the Children's Commissioner for Wales' 'What Next?' survey, asking her to work on two things: helping to make sure the Welsh Government acts to improve transparency and balance regarding armed forces visits to schools in Wales (the Welsh Government recently committed to doing this), and lobbying the UK government to end the armed forces' recruitment of under-18s.

30/09/2015 BBC Wales

Concerns over how many visits army officers make to schools in deprived areas will be debated by assembly members on Wednesday.

29/09/2015 BAE Systems

Evidence suggests that the BAE Systems-RAF team that visits primary and secondary schools ostensibly to encourage students to take an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, gives students a sanitised, glamourised image of both BAE and the RAF.

23/09/2015 ForcesWatch press release

The Welsh Government has been praised by ForcesWatch over a “groundbreaking” decision to support in principle more research into how the armed forces operate in secondary schools in Wales.

28/08/2015 BBC Wales

Two Army Cadet Force volunteers from north Wales have been suspended following claims they used inappropriate language to youngsters during the annual camp.

31/07/2015 Alex Cunningham MP

'The Tory Government are preying on school children in some of our most deprived areas by setting up more and more military cadet units as a step to recruiting them into the armed forces.'

28/07/2015 The Independent; The Telegraph; 38 Degrees

The government's planned 'review' of the Freedom of Information Act is likely to significantly restrict it, making it harder for organisations like ForcesWatch to shed light on important issues regarding public institutions such as the armed forces. A petition calling for the Act to be protected already has 76,480 signatures.

28/07/2015 Isle of Wight County Press

One way of challenging the problematic further incursion of the military in the UK education system is to start a debate about it in your local paper, and by writing to your MP, as Roger Bartrum from the Isle of Wight has done.