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16/12/2015 The Guardian

ForcesWatch report calls on UK military to stop recruiting minors altogether, as armed forces bill due for third reading

09/12/2015 various

Documentation of recent  Veterans for Peace UK events, especially four members yesterday discarding their war medals outside Downing Street yesterday in a powerful protest agains the UK bombing of Syria.


The Army has failed to attract enough young recruits in 9 of the last 10 years, and is looking to change this by emphasising the Army's non-combat work. ForcesWatch are concerned this could lead to the further overlooking of the fact that combat is the raison d'être of the armed forces.

08/12/2015 Citizenship Foundation, The Independent, BBC

The Citizenship Foundation has questioned the obligation on schools to teach 'British values'. This comes at a time when evidence has emerged that Muslim students are afraid to question the government or the media in school for fear of being labelled extremists.


Two recent examples of armed forces visits to primary schools; are such visits appropriate?

23/11/2015 The Telegraph, Independent School Parent, ForcesWatch

Two recent articles have championed the Combined Cadet Force. We note some concerns that they deny/overlook.

16/11/2015 Stroud Against The Cuts

Our Education Worker Owen spoke at an event in Stroud on the concerns raised by the military's growing influence in the education system, and gave a short video interview, talking about our work.

09/11/2015 The Guardian

Concern over No 10’s ‘military ethos in schools’ initiative is prompting charities to press the government over its commitment to the UN children’s treaty


London's first Military Preparation College - the UK's 18th - has been set up. ForcesWatch have a few concerns.

04/11/2015 figures compiled by ForcesWatch, updated June 2016

Government figures indicate that, since the Military Ethos in schools projects were announced in 2012, over £38 million of new funding has been awarded to them. Most of this new funding comes from the Department for Education. A further £50 million was pledged by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the July 2015 budget for expanding cadet units in state schools to 2020.