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23/01/2014 British Forces News

Royal Naval Reserves 'targeting young people' in a new recruitment drive at the Provinces Colleges of Further Education, North Ireland - a 'lucrative recruiting ground'

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23/01/2014 British Forces News

Forcing the unemployed to consider the Reserves: everyone who has made an appointment to see someone at a Job Centre and is 'deemed suitable' is sent along to the Army Careers Office

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21/01/2014 British Forces News

The Defence Committee hears evidence about mental health risks in the armed forces.

21/11/2013 ForcesWatch comment

On 15 November 2013, the Department for Education announced "£4.8 million to projects led by ex-armed forces personnel to tackle underachievement by disengaged pupils".

ForcesWatch has a number of concerns about the military-led 'alternative provision' being developed in schools: who benefits? the armed forces certainly will; military-led 'alternative provision' targets young people seen to be 'failing' - precisely those who need more options and, if channelled into the forces, are most at risk in warfare; the policy is based on limited evidence and ideological assumptions; will there be space for ethical issues around conflict to be addressed?

20/11/2013 Ministry of Defence

Midlands SPEAR (Supporting People into Employment with the Army Reserve) is a pilot scheme created by 143 (West Midlands) Brigade which has caught the attention of government ministers and, if successful, could be rolled out across the UK.

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19/11/2013 Telegraph

Britain’s cadet force could be expanded to encourage more youngsters to join the Armed Forces, a defence minister has suggested.

20/05/2013 Telegraph

The Army has launched a campaign to sign up 10,000 new recruits just weeks before thousands of experienced soldiers who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan will lose their jobs.

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28/11/2012 ForcesWatch comment

This article was originally published on Bright Green

Earlier this month the Department for Education published a statement on their website outlining their ambition to promote a military ethos in schools across the country. Through developing projects such as Troops to Teachers and expanding schemes such as the cadets and other alternative military provision in schools (such as Challenger Troop), the government is now actively encouraging schools, especially newer Academies and Free Schools, which tend to exist in more disadvantaged areas, to foster a military ethos.

27/11/2012 ForcesWatch comment

This article was originally published on openDemocracy

The incursion of the military into the British education system will mean that alternatives to war and peaceful ways of resolving conflict will be more difficult for young people to explore. In the long term we will all pay a heavy price.