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23/01/2017 Bella Caledonia

The new British Army advert is astonishing. Organised violence as antidote to anomie.

The report is published in conjunction with the video The British Armed Forces: Propaganda in the classroom? produced by Quaker Peace & Social Witness


This report explains why the British Armed Forces Learning Resource (published in September 2014 by the Prime Minister's Office) is a poor quality educational resource, and exposes the resource as a politically-driven attempt to promote recruitment into the armed forces and “military values” in schools.

03/03/2015 ForcesWatch / Quakers in Britain press release

The Government's material for schools about the armed forces has been criticised today by the human rights group ForcesWatch and Quakers in Britain.

16/01/2015 BBC

The Army is launching a publicity campaign to keep its work in the public eye, following the end of combat operations in Afghanistan.

13/11/2013 RUSI

A recent course organised for influencers was designed to convey the British Army’s response to a changing strategic landscape. Despite redeployment from  Afghanistan and Reserve reorganisation, this exercise emphasised that the British Army is still very much in the war-fighting business.

26/09/2013 Guardian

Families angry at proposal to lower profile of repatriation ceremonies

21/09/2013 The Voice

...would black Britons be willing to put their life on the line for this country?

According to a poll of Voice readers conducted over the past week, only 15 per cent of people stated that they would definitely defend the Crown, citing a sense of loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen or to repay Britain for its support of the black community.

A further 28 per cent of respondents said they would rather be sent to prison than willingly join the armed forces.

14/09/2013 YouGov

As the British Army struggles to recruit new soldiers, YouGov polling finds that Britons tend to think less of the army's importance the younger they are