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31/03/2015 RT

Experts warn the “floodgates” of post-traumatic stress are about to open, as a top armed forces charity claims mental health issues among military personnel have risen 26 percent over the last year.

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13/05/2014 The Guardian

More than 1,600 service personnel required medical treatment in the past year

mental health, risks
13/05/2014 Telegraph

Not all Afghan veterans will suffer from mental trauma – but we owe a debt to those who do

mental health, risks
21/01/2014 British Forces News

The Defence Committee hears evidence about mental health risks in the armed forces.

28/10/2013 ForcesWatch press release

Young soldiers recruited from disadvantaged backgrounds are substantially more likely than other troops to return from war experiencing problems with their mental health, says a wide-ranging report published today by human rights group ForcesWatch.

28/10/2013 The Guardian

Former soldiers criticise MoD recruitment practices, with Britain one of only 19 countries to allow 16-year-olds to join up

28/10/2013 BBC Newsbeat article and video

Soldiers who join the Army as teenagers are more likely to suffer from mental health problems after being deployed, a new report suggests.

28/10/2013 Wales Online

Forces Watch report calls for the minimum age of recruitment to be raised to 18 to avoid exposing the youngest soldiers to the most trauma

28/10/2013 British Forces News film report

Young soldiers from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to suffer from mental health problems, according to a report out today published by lobby group Forces Watch.