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06/05/2015 Stuart Platt

Videos from 6 May 'Challenging the Militarisation of Youth in Scotland' event, featuring Owen Everett, ForcesWatch Education Worker, speaking on armed forces visits to schools in Scotland; Ben Griffin from Veterans for Peace UK on recruitment and the militarisation of youth; and Lesley Orr from Glasgow University on the centenary of the women's peace conference at The Hague.

Raise the age to join the army to 18
By William and Noah


These presentations were recorded at the launch of the report Warrior Nation: war, militarisation and British democracy by Paul Dixon (published by ForcesWatch) on 25 June 2018 in London:  

  • Warrior Nation: war, militarisation and British democracy, by Professor Paul Dixon   
  • Military Britain by Professor Joanna Bourke
  • Militarism in public life in the UK, Emma Sangster, Coordinator of ForcesWatch