articles about Armed Forces Bill 2011

02/07/2011 ForcesWatch press release

A medic in the Royal Navy will face court martial on Monday 4 July despite declaring that he is a conscientious objector.

13/06/2011 ForcesWatch press release

Organisations and churches who have questioned the recruitment of under 18s into the armed forces are backing an amendment which could see children no longer able to enlist and bring the UK into line with international standards.

26/05/2011 The Friend

Quakers have been central to a campaign that resulted in a change to government policy last week, as a minister announced that teenage soldiers will be given the right to discharge at any time before turning eighteen.

19/05/2011 ForcesWatch press release

A medic in the Royal Navy, who is facing court martial, will argue in court tomorrow that he has a legal defence. Michael Lyons has been charged with "wilful disobedience" because he asked not to participate in rifle training last September after having applied for conscientious objector status.

19/05/2011 ForcesWatch press release

The government has today promised to give teenage soldiers the right to leave the armed forces up until age 18 if they are unhappy. ForcesWatch and other NGOs have been campaigning on this and other issues relating to under-18s in the armed forces as the Arned Forces Bill does through parliament.

19/05/2011 Defence Management

The Ministry of Defence is set to make it easier for personnel under the age of 18 to leave the armed forces, it has been announced.


The report from the JHRC on the Armed Forces Bill 'raises a number of significant human rights concerns in connection with the Bill' and 'calls on the Government to clarify the arrangements for the discharge of under-18s from the Armed Forces and to amend the service commitment made by  under-18s to bring it in line with the commitment made by recruits of other ages.'

24/03/2011 Defence Management

Teenage soldiers have been unfairly detained in military prisons due to a failure from the MoD to effectively implemenent discharge policies, the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers has said.

10/03/2011 ForcesWatch press release

The report by the House of Commons Committee on the Armed Forces Bill has rejected proposals to raise the minimum age of recruitment to 18.  But ForcesWatch, an NGO that submitted evidence to the Committee, suggests that the wording of the report reveals a lack of clarity over the law in this area, even among MPs and senior military personnel.

10/01/2011 ForcesWatch press release

Defence Secretary Liam Fox is being urged to uphold the right of armed forces personnel to be given a discharge if they develop a conscientious objection.