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Veterans in Prison was founded by two members of the prison service and runds in an independent and voluntary capacity. It's core aim is to reduce re-offending and in turn the number of victims, by rehabilitating the veterans who are currently in the Criminal Justice System. The website has research and information and links to service providers.

SSAW"School Students Against War brings together young people from across the country in a grassroots campaign against war and destruction."

School Students Against War provide a response to military recruitment activities in school from those on the receiving end. The Troops Out of Our Schools project includes a number of resources such as a trade union branch model resolution against military recruitment in schools, colleges and universities; petitions; leaflets and posters.

Before you sign upAn independent website, setting out the pros and cons of enlisting in the UK armed forces. The site includes information and important questions for consideration for potential recruits to the Army, Navy/Marine and the RAF, those already in the forces, as well as parents and teachers. With many useful resources, including information on recruiting in schools and a lessons plan exploring issues around army recruitment, this site should be read by everyone before they sign up. 

A voluntary organisation providing advice and information to members of the armed forces, their families and friends. Free leaflets are available (see below) and a speaker from AT EASE can visit any area in UK to speak to groups about their work.

Child Soldiers International is campaigning to stop the recruitment of under 18s into the British armed forces.They have published 'Catch 16-22: Recruitment and retention of minors in the British Armed Forces (2011) and Mind the Gap: Education for minors in the British armed forces (2012).


AT EASE is an advice service to those in the armed forces and family members which has been running since the 1980s. It is staffed by volunteers. There is a telephone helpline or you can send an email. There is information on various terms of service issues and conscientious objection on the website.



Veterans for Peace UK: a new organisation for veterans of the armed forces committed to opposing war through nonviolent means. Veterans for Peace UK are available to speak at schools and events.


Combat Stress works with veterans who leave the Armed Forces with psychological wounds. These can lead to depression, phobias, anxiety, relationship problems and, in some cases, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).